Thanks for coming to my website.  As time passes, I intend to expand the site by adding more photos, poetry, prose both fiction and non, and general information.  A blog has recently been added and I hope to update it often.  Feel free to join in the conversation.. 

If you are here because you know me, you probably already know that I am an educator and have been for most of my life.  If you just happened to stumble on the site I taught English for lots of years and am currently working in tech support privately, I have coached sports teams, directed plays, and as I said, I am currently working with technology of all kinds on my own. I am a firm believer in the premise that if a person sets their mind to something they can learn to do it on their own.  The house that I own and have been working on for almost thirty years is proof of that.  I've added rooms, removed lots of wall, and have been remodeling it incessantly.  My latest craze is masonry.  I'm learning as I work. 

The Dogs above are Sparky (on the left) and Shakespeare's Damn Spot (Shakey on the right), both mine.   The sketch on the left is of me in a rocking chair and was done by one of my former students (I think I recall who) but I will assure you he was trying to get extra credit for the course.  He felt that capturing me in a natural pose while I taught would be fun and would flatter me.  He was right on both counts--a smart kid.  He didn't get any extra credit.  If I recall, he didn't need it.

Click on the photos on the right to enlarge them.  The photos on the left are of family, friends  and a few odds and ends.